‚ÄčI had this amazing download a few weeks ago. By that i mean my Angels gave me this idea.

I was journaling out some serious fear and all the sudden i heard clear as day - Psychic School. I wrote it down and thought "huh." I went back to my journalling and promptly forgot all about it.

The next morning I woke up with the Angels excitedly telling me every single detail of what was to be Psychic School.

They literally had it all planned out for me. This is the first time that i spontaneously channeled out an entire program from start to finish.

It felt amazing.

It felt exciting.

As soon as i started outlining this new program 

i was having so much fun.

Right from the beginning to this moment Its been a blast creating this!



and getting to use all the tools i used 25-30years ago to bring about my psychic skills and now passing them on in this amazing bundle!

Its truly been an honor and a pleasure.

But i know its not done.

I know i will continue to update this program

whether to add a book or

film a new class..

Its going to grow and evolve.

When you purchase this course, 

Its yours to watch as often as you'd like, for life!

and that includes any new future things i add to it.

Also for those who want to continue training, 

and dive even deeper into your intuition

deeper into your connection with God/Universe and Angels.

and work on really healing emotionally 

work on mindset reset

and truly live a divinely led life..

The total cost of this program goes towards joining the Academy.

This is the best place to start to really open up these gifts....

Do your homework everyweek.

Practice as often as you can.

and most importantly

have fun!

Angel Blessings!


Ps. dont forget to email me for payment 

plan info! lisagoberlmt@gmail.com

Knowing Angels Psychic School

There are no refunds on any of the services offered here.

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