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My Story

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When i was a little girl I would get excited for my mother to close the bedroom door at night, because on the back of the door i saw sparkles. It looked like the night sky. I didnt know then that i was seeing my angels. I only knew they made me feel good.

I was always interested in ESP and Psychic abilities. I played with Quija boards and Tarot cards.

It wasn't until i was 17 years old that i started talking with Angels.

I had skipped school one day with a couple of girls i didnt really know. i invited them to the apartment i lived in with my mom at the time. I knew she would be at work and we wouldnt get in trouble there. As we sat at the kitchen table, playing with my tarot deck, the girl sitting beside me, i believe her name was Elisa, started full body channeling - meaning her voice and demeanor all changed as the angel spoke through her. He told me i was to work with the angels and he told me how to connect.

That was the beginning of a very life changing experience.

And after growing up, experiencing abuse, extreme self hatred, suicide attempts and loss of loved ones, I finally came full circle, back to my angels and spirit guides where they have always been for me. I now live a life guided by my angels, my intuition and the divine.

I live to serve others and the universe. I work to connect people to their light. And i train lightworkers how to be lightworkers. It is my mission currently to help people to their light. to prepare light workers for the work we have ahead of us. If there is only one thing you take away from this website it is - Live your truth. Have Faith. Follow your bliss, always.

 Blessings to all of you and thank you for visiting my website!

 Lisa Gober