​No, thats not me in the picture, jumping for Joy. But it could be. Because that is how I've been feeling pretty much constantly, everyday.


I wasn't always like that though. I used to be the person, many of us are. You wake up stressed and go to bed stressed.

Its not that you want that. Im sure most of you, like me, have tried so many tips, tricks and tools to let go of stress.

​I know I've read book after book about it,  book after book on law of attraction.

And all that time, i had no idea how hard i actually was making the process, until i realized how easy it actually is to let go of the negative, and live in Joy. And in doing so, Manifest everything like crazy.

Its beautiful.

And i knew right away that i had to share. That i had to help others get here too.

I think this must be the feeling anyone who writes about law of attraction feels.

This pure joy and love, and finally understanding, and you've got to shout it from the roof tops and spread the word and most importantly, change the world.

So here it is.

My new program.

Im so excited to bring it to you.

Manifesting Joy (and everything else too).

A 6 week program.

6 - one hour, one on one sessions with me

​Unlimited support during business hours via Voxer during those 6 weeks.

and for those who sign up before Dec 1st. 2018.

You will get free access to my 30-day Beginners Intuition Digital Course.


 It will only cost $555.00 USD.

You can sign up with the paypal button below and then email me a screenshot to lisagoberlmt@gmail.com to make your first appointment!

​And MOST EXCITING NEWS, is the new payment plan!!!

Email me @ lisagoberlmt@gmail.com to enroll at only $190.00 USD per month for 3 months!

There are no refunds on any of the services offered here.

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Manifesting Joy

And everything else too!