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There are no refunds on any of the services offered here.

  • Learn how to communicate with your angels and spirit guides

  • Find out what your intuitive gifts are and how to use them

  • Learn how to work through any blocks that may come up

  • Learn how to shield yourself from any negative energies/entities.

  • You will get 12 weekly one on one 60 Minute sessions with me every  week

The entire digital video series - An Introduction to Your Angels & Spirit Guides FREE!
One 60 Minute Psychic Angel Reading with me FREE

Support from me on an on going basis via Voxer- Any questions/concerns that may come up for you during the 12 weeks.
I'm always here for you!
This is the way you make permanent transformation in your life.
This investment in yourself is life changing.

Only $1777.00 USD

Payment options available
You can make the payment in full or Use the 3 or 6 month payment plan option.

Contact me at for payment plans.

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3 Month Option

Only 3 payments of just $599.00 usd every month for 3 months.

6 Month Option

Only 6 payments of just $333.00 usd every month for 6 months.


 $1777.00Pay In Full

12 Week Angel Coaching